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Official LMS Rules

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Below will be listed the following rules for Last Man Standing.

*Last Man Standing will be addressed as LMS further into the topics



1. Offensive Language 

- Now we understand we cannot monitor all language problems, but being offensive towards other players will result in a mute, or in worst case scenarions; a ban. Minor flame can be acceptable, but keep it minor 


I get it we all rage at video game's because we believe the game wasn't suppose to let the person hit a 48 48 with a dark bow, but guess what! It happens and maybe next time you will hit that 48 48 ;). And if you do rage, keep it minimal.

2. Bug abuse 
- Abusing a bug/glitch on your own to give yourself an unfair advantage will result in the termination of all of your accounts permanently. A bug/glitch must be reported to a staff member immediately! Failure to do so will also result in account termination.  


Think about it, why abuse a bug in a competitive type based game, especially when withdrawals go through verification first. There won't be 

any gains from this and you will ruin the fun of other players

3. Impersonating Staff 
- LMS staff will NEVER ask for your password!

Think about it, why would we. So don't impersonate staff nor believe these naysayers! 

4. Advertising 
- Advertising any other servers, websites, or other 3rd party sites/games not associated with LMS in any way will result in an instant ban

Like Last Man Standing is number one, why would you advertise anything worse then Last man Standing?

5. Threats 
- Threatening other members whether it be a DDoS/Dos threat or a personal physical thread or a blackmail threat is against the rules and will result in a mute

Think about it, why ddos your fellow player's. If you got a skid booter use it in another way, but not on the innocent player's. Plus there will be no personal gain from this.

6. Malicious/Inappropriate Content 
- Posting malicious files, or links that may steal other people's info is forbidden! Also sharing and or posting Inappropriate content such as porn, nudity, offensive material is prohibited as well. 

LMS staff members won't abuse their powers, but will have the right to enforce these rules at any time

These rules are subject to change at any point! It is your job to stay up to date! 

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These rules were edited and approved by me, rules are subject to change. The staff will never abuse their powers, but if they do PM me. And last, but not least if you want a rule to be added, removed or changed, you should discuss it via a thread as to why. 

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If you need help PM me or any of the mods on here :)

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